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Jennifer Schine is a community-engaged researcher and sound artist.

she also loves collaborative projects, listening to sounds, and hanging around in boats.


I am a community-engaged researcher, sound artist, and broadcaster based on Vancouver Island, BC. I'm also the Pacific Community Lead at Tides Canada.

As the Founder and Principal of Pacific Research & Communications, I support community-led initiatives and communication strategies in BC, Canada, and beyond. My work spans place-based education, culture and arts, program reviews, community planning, and governance and policy. 

I'm a big fan of public engagement and have extended my academic work into film, radio, electroacoustic composition, and installations. I also like to connect artists with scientists and produce radio. In 2017, I produced Ecology of Sound: Hildegard Westerkamp for CBC Ideas, which has been rebroadcast internationally.

As an educator, I teach courses and workshops in both urban and rural environments, including Podcasting: The Story From Hear at Hollyhock. I’m also a Sessional Instructor of anthropology at the University of Victoria specializing in sound, creative practices, and feminist teaching models. Currently, I act as the Arts, Culture, and Ethnography Advisor for the Sfaira Foundation and was previously a Director of the Salmon Coast Field Station.

I hold a MA in Communication from Simon Fraser University and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Victoria. I am grateful to learn from the many knowledge holders in the traditional territories where I work and play.

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Photo credits: Jackie Dives, Mack Bartlett, and Frank Vena.



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Jennifer facilitates authentic, productive dialogue, representing cultural values and traditional knowledge and practices. She has experience in multi-stakeholder facilitation, qualitative research, data analysis, report writing, and multimedia projects (video, audio, photography) for clients in various fields. Her approach includes fieldwork, interviews, focus groups and workshops, mapping, storytelling, and soundscape methodologies.

Contact Jenni Schine for services such as:


  • Socio-economic

  • Government and policy

  • Traditional Use Studies and mapping

  • Community outreach and facilitation

  • even boat driving and field support!


  • Scoping Reports

  • Program reviews and delivery

  • Grant writing and fundraising


  • Communication strategy

  • Storyboarding and creation

  • Podcasts and radio production

  • Multimedia

Example Projects


Sea to Cedar's Youth Leadership Paddle Program is a 10-day program, including a 7-day canoe expedition, for Musgmagw Dzawada’enuxw youth (ages 13-18), and is offered at no cost to families. Centred out of the remote community of Gilford Village (aka: Gwayasdums) in the Broughton Archipelago, BC, youth learn how to safely and responsibly use the ocean environment and outdoors for recreational, educational, and leadership use. Youth participants who complete the program have the opportunity to achieve Lake Canoe Skills Intermediate Tandem and Coastal Canoeing Skills Intermediate certifications. 

For more information, to get involved, or to sponsor youth to attend the program, please get in touch!


First peoples cultural council - Arts program review - final report 2017

In 2016, FPCC, with the support of the BC Arts Council, conducted a program review of its two arts funding programs – the Aboriginal Arts Development Awards, and Aboriginal Youth Engaged in the Arts. More than 200 artists, arts organizations and jurors participated in one of the 10 regional community meetings (held in Williams Lake, Prince George, Vancouver, Chilliwack, Courtenay, Victoria, Westbank/Kelowna, Prince Rupert, Fort St. John, and Tofino), 14 telephone interviews and/or the online survey. The program review asked community members about the needs of the Indigenous arts community in BC, and FPCC’s performance in supporting the arts and artists in the province. 


Squamish Lil'wat cultural centre - cultural audio journey 

The Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre commissioned an Indigenous eco-tourism project, a self-guided audio cultural journey through the Squamish and Lil’wat First Nations. Along the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, a route stretching north from Vancouver to Whistler, listeners can experience the KA YÁCHTN / K’ALHW Á7ACW / WELCOME FROM THE SQUAMISH AND LÍL’WAT FIRST NATIONS and learn oral history, supernatural beings and place names. This project was created in collaboration with the Aboriginal Youth Ambassadors Program.

"Witness through our eyes, the place where we have thrived and existed since time immemorial."

Selected Clients


Science & Art

Field Guides for Listeners

Field guides for Listeners

Inspired by the science at Salmon Coast Field Station, Field Guides for Listeners is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Jenni Schine & Jay White to create a radio show, graphic novel, and installation (at Open Space) about salmon health. Article in BC Studies Journal here.

Recipient of Canada Council for the Art's Concept to Realization grant.

Place-based Art

The Kingcome Collective

The Kingcome Collective

We are an art collective exploring ways to build better understandings and stronger relationships with our environments and with each other. Through art and dialogue, Lindsey Mae Willie & Jenni Schine are dedicated to the work of decolonizing relationships.

Recipient of Canada Council for the Arts' {Re}conciliaiton Initiative grant.

Award-winning Film

Listening to a Sense of Place

listening to a sense of place

Inspired by Schine's MA thesis (2013), this documentary film listens to the life-story of Canadian pioneer, Billy Proctor. It explores the meaning of home and what it means to belong. Directed/produced by Jenni Schine & Greg Crompton of Artaban.

Audience Award and Best Documentary Short at the Vancouver Short Film Festival. 


At the heart of my work is the act of listening. I want to activate my audience's ears to change how we hear the world around us. I do this through soundwalks, sonic explorations, and audio storytelling. 

2017 CBC Ideas episode.

2017 CBC Ideas episode.

2016 Kits Beach soundwalk w/Hildegard Westerkamp, Paul Kennedy, Jenni Schine.

2016 Kits Beach soundwalk w/Hildegard Westerkamp, Paul Kennedy, Jenni Schine.

ecology of sound: hildegard westkerkamp

Soundscape composer Hildegard Westerkamp hears the world differently than most people. Where many of us might hear noise, she uncovers extraordinary beauty and meaning. It's all in how we listen to our environment. CBC Ideas host, Paul Kennedy joins Hildegard Westerkamp on a soundwalk through Vancouver's downtown eastside, and explores how opening our ears to our surroundings can open our minds

Produced by Jenni Schine in Vancouver and Nicola Luksic in Toronto (2017). 

end of the line

They call him “the wise man of the woods”. Jenni Schine calls him a friend. 80 year old Billy Proctor lives off the grid in Echo Bay, BC, the heart and soul of a settler community with just seven full time residents. 

Produced by Jenni Schine in Vancouver and Steve Wadhams in Toronto (2014).


Radio Art/Soundscapes


As part of Music for the New Wilderness, an intimate audio work based on conversations with Billy Proctor, a lifelong resident of the Broughton Archipelago BC. As an elder who has witness the transformation of BC’s coast, Billy is known as an important knowledge keeper and “the heart" of his settler community called Echo Bay.

Ethnomusicology professor, Ellen Waterman wrote a review about the concert series in Contemporary Music Review (2016). Adam Basanta's composition is another art/ethnography collaboration.

Sound installation at The Cultch commissioned by the Western Front for Music for the New Wilderness concert series (2014).


Streamwalkers is part of Field Guides for Listeners two-year art residency at the Salmon Coast Field Station (SCFS). In the fall of 2017, Jenni and Jay White joined streamwalkers, Chris Guinchard (SCFS), Marie-Josée Gagnon and Alyssa Ball from the Mainland Enhancement of Salmonoid Species Society as they counted spawning pacific salmon in the many rivers, streams, and tributaries that lead into the ocean. 

Article and soundwork in BC Studies Journal here.

Commissioned by the Naniamo Art Gallery as part of Landfalls and Departures: Epilogue (Listening to the Sea) group exhibit (2018).


2014 Queen Elizabeth Park soundwalk, led by Hildegard Westerkamp

2014 Queen Elizabeth Park soundwalk, led by Hildegard Westerkamp

A soundwalk is an acoustically interesting route that gives our ears priority over other senses. In its simplest sense, it is walking and listening. Sometimes the walk is mediated, sometimes it's not. Sounds can also be added to the soundscape to highlight the soundscape /sonic environment. Vancouver New Music puts on free public soundwalks with the Vancouver Soundwalk Collective every fall and spring.

Here are a couple samples from soundwalks I led in Vancouver, BC.

Soundwalk co-led with Cat Main. Performances by Meredith Bates and Hannah Epperson (2012). Recorded by Tyler Kinnear.

Whyte Lake soundhike with performances by Meredith Bates, Chris Gestrin, and Christie-Rose (2011). Recorded by Tyler Kinnear.


Students listen to underwater sounds using a hydrophone, Acoustic Ethnography course at Bamfield Marine Science Centre, Huu-ay-aht First Nations territory (2016).

Students listen to underwater sounds using a hydrophone, Acoustic Ethnography course at Bamfield Marine Science Centre, Huu-ay-aht First Nations territory (2016).

Selected Courses/Workshops

PODCASTING: THE story from hear (summer 2020)

The Story from Hear is a unique place-based audio storytelling workshop focusing on podcasting and the power of place in forming acoustic stories. Offered since 2018 at Hollyhock on Cortes Island, BC and facilitated by Jenni Schine (sound artist/acoustic ethnographer) and Jen Moss (radio producer/creative writing professor). Special guests include Klahoose cultural leader/sound expert, Jacqueline Mathieu (2019) and electroacoustic composer, Hildegard Weskterkamp (2018). If you're interested in attending The Story from Hear 2020, be in touch!

Anthropology of sound (spring 2020)

This upper-level course (ANTH 303) at the University of Victoria aims at sensitizing students to the often-forgotten presence of sounds in everyday life, including noise, music, voice, silence, etc. as significant elements of research and analysis. Students will (1) map out and reflect upon ethnographies of sound, theories of sound, sound art works and recent writings in Sound Studies and (2) experiment directly with sound production (e.g. storyboarding, field recording techniques, and audio editing and mixing software).

Acoustic Ethnography

Dr. Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier (UVic) and Jenni Schine (along with TA, Pietro Sammarco) co-created and co-instruct Acoustic Ethnography, an upper level applied-methods Anthropology/Fine Arts course at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre. Students make their own field recordings, and utilize Ocean Networks Canada's bank of hydrophone recordings and historical recordings from the Bamfield Historical Society. In 2016, their compositions exhibited at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, BC.

SOUNDWORK: The Natural Complexities of Environmental Listening: One Soundwalk – Multiple Responses by Hildegard Westerkamp was published in the BC Studies Journal (Summer 2017), and highlights the Acoustic Ethnography field school.

additional teaching

2020        Sessional Instructor for ANTH 303: Anthropology of Sound (Spring 2020) at the University of Victoria.
2019         Acoustic mentor for Ayajuthem Youth Weekend Camp in partnership w/Cortes Community Radio and the Klahoose First Nation.
2018-20   Instructor for Podcasting: The Story from Hear at Hollyhock w/Jen Moss, Hildegard Westerkamp, and Jacqueline Mathieu.
2018         Still Creek Salmon Sounds Youth Mentorship Project w/VIVO Media Arts Centre, Still Moon Arts Society & Vancouver New Music.
2016         Sessional Instructor for ANTH 393: Acoustic Ethnography (Summer 2016) at Bamfield Marine Science Centre.
2016         Facilitator for Storytelling for Scientists Workshop at Pacific Ecology + Evolutionary Conference, Bamfield Marine Science Centre.
2014         Watershed Educator with Metro Vancouver.
2014         Artist-in-Residence Mentor at the Burnaby School District in partnership with the Western Front Society.
2012         Co-facilitator of 4-day Sound & Listening Wilderness Workshop with Hildegard Westerkamp at the Salmon Coast Field Station.
2010         Volunteer arts workshop facilitator at the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, Vancouver, BC.
2009-13   Teaching Assistant in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University.
2008         Museum Educator at the Museum of the City of New York.


Nov 2019: Co-presenting a “Listening Party” w/Jen Moss & Brady Marks at the Vancouver Podcast Festival, Nov 10 (2-4pm). Speaking about community-engaged sound projects on UVic’s podcast panel Nov 20 (12-3pm) w/keynote speaker & feminist podcaster, Hannah McGregor.
Sep 2019: Contributed sound to Sylvie Ringer’s book launch, CRAB, ROCK, STICK, LOSS at Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg, Germany.
Aug 2019: Facilitated Podcasting: the Story from Hear, a 5-day workshop at Hollyhock w/Jen Moss & Jacqueline Mathieu.
July 2019: Field support for Sea to Cedar's Youth Leadership Paddle Program with A̱ka̱la Society.
May 2019: Composition, Streamwalkers part of “Nature as Communities” exhibit at Dalhousie Art Gallery (3 May - 14 July), curated by Jennifer Yakamovich. Artist-in-Residence at The Sointula Art Shed. Excited to install, Conversations with Billy Proctor at the Sointula Library & lead a soundwalk in downtown Sointula, BC.
April 2019: Field Guide for Listeners (w/Jay White) at Open Space Gallery in Victoria, BC w/unique cedar speakers designed by Giorgio Magnanensi; Art, Science & Salmon Discussion w/Salmon Coast scientists Scott Rogers, Emma Atkinson, & Peter Harrington; Soundwalk in downtown Victoria; and artist talk w/Tiffany Joseph & Sarah Jim. Honoured to support Ayajuthem Youth Weekend Camp in partnership w/Cortes Community Radio & Klahoose First Nation.
Mar 2019: Streamwalkers soundworks/article published in BC Studies 50th Anniversary Issue (no. 200).
Nov 2018: Excited to get out in the field & mentor youth for VIVO’s Still Creek Salmon Sounds program. Attended Werk It! A Woman’s Podcast Festival in NYC with podcast wizard, Jen Moss.
Oct 2018: Contributed a sound installation for Sylvie Ringer’s exhibit, No Moon Tonight at the Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, BC.
Sep 2018: Told a story at Confabulation in Victoria, BC.
Aug 2018: Invited to photograph the 2nd Annual Gilford Island Youth Play Potlatch in Gwayasdams. Facilitated Podcasting: The Story from Hear workshop at Hollyhock with Jen Moss and guest mentor, Hildegard Westerkamp.
July 2018: Field support for Sea to Cedar's Youth Leadership Paddle Program. Received a WNYC Studios scholarship to attend Werk It! A Woman's Podcast Festival in NYC. Started working at Tides Canada as their Pacific Community Lead.
June 2018: Artist-in-Residence at The Sointula Art Shed.
May 2018: Salmon Coast Field Station Artist-in-Residence as part of their sea-lice monitoring project.
Mar 2018: Received BCAC's Professional Development grant to assist with a sound-based art practice
Feb 2018: Conversations with Billy Proctor is a part of New Adventures in Sound Art’s (NAISA) series Sonic Reflections: People and Place for the Deep Wireless Festival, South River, Ontario.
Jan-Mar 2018: Streamwalkers audio piece, Landfalls and Departure group exhibit, Nanaimo Art Gallery.
Dec 2017: Told a story at Confabulation in Victoria, BC.
Nov 2017: Thrilled to receive CCA's Concept to Realization grant for Field Guides for Listeners with Jay White. We also facilitated More than Humans - Storytelling workshop at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Attended The Story Collider's workshop through UBC's Institute for Ocean and Fisheries.
Oct 2017: Artist-in-Residence at Salmon Coast Field Station, volunteering with salmon stream walkers.
July 2017: Field support for Sea to Cedar's inaugural Youth Leadership Paddle Program.
May 2017: Panelist for The Scholarly Journal in a Post TRC Context: Responsibilities & Accountabilities at BC Studies Conference, Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, BC.
Mar 2017: Talked about our Acoustic Ethnography course at UVic's IdeaFest panel, Sound & the Sea.
Feb 2017: CBC Ideas' Ecology of Sound: Hildegard Westerkamp airs across Canada's radio waves.
Jan 2017: Attended SFU's Speaking for the Salmon Think Tank as their communication lead.
Nov 2016: Acoustic Ethnography students present their compositions at the Royal BC Museum.
Oct 2016: Thrilled to receive CCA's {Re}conciliation Initiative grant with Lindsey Mae Willie for our film, Awaḵ̕wa̱s: A Gathering Place.
June 2016: Selected to attend WNYC's inaugural  Werk It Women's Podcast Festival in NYC.
Apr 2016: Told a story at the Royal BC Museum series, Have we got a story to tell - Into the Wild.
Feb 2016: Facilitated Science Storytelling workshop at the Pacific Ecology & Evolution Conference.
Jan 2016: Keynote at the University of Victoria's 2nd Annual Currents in Anthropology.




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